162nd Annual Harrow Fair

Wow! What a way of ending the summer with 4 full days fun at the 162nd Annual Harrow Fair

….check out some of these fantastic pictures that were taken over the weekend and look at how much fun everyone had. Andrew would like to let everyone know that even though he was not feeling well and he missed out on the last two days (when he was there he had a great time hanging out with his friends, going on rides, seeing all the animals and of course being the social butter fly he is), he would like to thank everyone who stopped by to support him by purchasing some of his Group Hug Apparel designs. He would also like to thank all the help that was given to his “Help Fill A Back Pack With Andrew” fundraiser. It’s so wonderful that he received many wonderful donations of new stuffed animals, colouring books, crayons and more. He will put these items into back packs and deliver them to Children who are sick in the hospital or receiving treatments for an illness. We will keep you posted on how many he fills. Thank you.

Andrew also thought it was really cool when he heard that some people stopped by our booth to take him on ride’s, milk some cows, grab something to eat and of course and take some great pictures with him.
He really loved seeing all the pictures and i loved seeing all the love that was shown for him. This makes me one proud mom.
Andrew said that he will help lots of children who were sick from my sales…. and again, I’m one proud mom. A big THANK YOU to everyone.

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