The things that you can do in one day! oh my!

Well we started our day off  full blast!  And i mean here we go, don’t slow us down or get in our way because there was just no stopping what we set out to do! Of course coffee and a lemonade to get us going. Thank you Andrew for helping your momma out with some more energy that was needed.

After our Timmies we headed to St. Rose Catholic Elementary school in Windsor to join the Junior and Senior Kindergarten students and their wonderful teachers for a special Christmas project surprise called Andrew’s LOVE. For the entire month of November, each student brought in a New Stuffed Toy for Andrew’s “Helping Sick Kids Campaign”. OMG when we walked into their class room we were just overwhelmed with all of the LOVE that was collected and shown for us! These students and teachers have shown what a small act of kindness can do for someone else. Congratulations to each and every one of you for being a shining example to others….. and of course this will be the first cry for  today.

After our much needed hugs and saying good bye to all of these wonderful little students, we headed outside to find CBC television wanting to interview us with regards to Andrew’s Teddy Bear – Helping Sick Kids Campaign. If Andrew was not over the moon already well he certainly was when he shared his story with the reporter from CBC. Crying moment number two for today.

OK, one last look at all of these wonderful faces. Melt my heart! Then it was off to the WE Care For Kids wrap up luncheon event. We attended a wonderful lunch (of course Andrew had no complaints about) and then he presented $1500 to the foundation that will help support the W.E. Care For Kids Home in Windsor. To date Andrew has donated over $5000 to this program from his Helping Sick Kids Campaign. Moment number three for the tear factor. I am so proud of Andrew and what he does to help others.

And moment number four was when this lovely young lady Alex, one of this years spokes children for W.E. Care for Kids thank the foundation for giving her the opportunity to promote such a wonderful charity. Alex mentioned that she was so inspired by one young man that helps others that she will continue to do her best to help others too. This caught my breath and tears began to flow with pride. Hearing that Andrew is a role model to young people is so beautiful!

Oh my goodness and we are only half way through our day! Next we went over to Black Burn Radio – Lite FM 95.1 to meet with Gary Evans the program director for a photo opportunity (they are so graciously collecting NEW stuffed toys for Andrew’s Helping Sick Kids Campaign) and to discuss with them, are you ready for this….. Andrew’s own one hour radio show that will be aired Dec 13th from 12-1 on 95.1 Lite FM Un- flipping – believable! Andrew & I will be hosting our own Christmas show called Andrew’s Christmas List. How totally awesome is this! And the waterworks happened again.

Well, we hope you enjoyed what we accomplished today because we had a blast doing it! Oh and remember there is always tomorrow to top this list. Oh ya, its our Gingerbread House Fundraiser at Colasanti’s Dec 6th 12 – 4 stop by and join in the fun.

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