Andrew “Rocks On” at the Green Day concert.

Andrew is a serious fan of music and movies, and an even more serious fan of Green Day. He walks, talks, and sleeps Green Day. You should see all the posters and pictures in his room. Well to say that Andrew was excited to go to a Green Day concert is an understatement. He had a blast at the concert, and I think his face was stuck in smile mode for days after. (his parents readily admit they had fun too! )

After the concert, and maybe a bit past Andrew’s normal bedtime (it was a special occasion!) Andrew also enjoyed a late night burger at a very cool joint that played (you guessed it) Green Day on the Juke Box.

Prior to the event, Andrew and his mom tracked down the Green Day management and concert organizers, and sent along a bunch of Andrew’s t-shirts to the band. Maybe some day you’ll see Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, or Mike Dirnt, wearing one of Andrew’s cool t-shirt’s.


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