Andrew teaches me every day!

One of the many things that i enjoy in my life is how Andrew teaches me something everyday. If you have had the opportunity to hear Andrew & I speak during one of our presentations, you may recall that i mention the following sentence, “If Andrew works so hard, and is so willing to try new things, than i need to work hard as well.”
Andrew teaches me to be a hard worker even in the simplest ways. He teaches me to look at life through his eyes and be willing move outside of my comfort zone. This is how Andrew lives his life every single day. Trying his best to accomplish even the simplest tasks that i may take for granted like making chicken pot pies during a cooking class with all of his wonderful friends that he has met over the years. Concentrating and working together. This reminds me to be simple and concentrate on the beauty before me. This is what i am reminded of every single day from my son. I LOVE you Andrew. Thank you for being my teacher and my reminder how life should be.

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