Andrew Helping Sick Children – One shirt at a time

When you see your child go through so much in his life and you wonder what the next day, week, month will bring to him ….. and you know that they are in need of another open heart surgery one day because of a damaged heart valve that is only working at 64%….. AND the worry about what comes tomorrow is not shown on his face or in his smile or his daily actions ……. what is shown from him, is his LOVE to help others that are sick or going through a difficult time….. and to make others smile……. or to share the best HUGS ……. this is Andrew the one that keeps me strong and focused and grounded so i can help him experience the most in LIFE and be there for him. My son is my not only my HERO but he is a SUPER HERO and my daily inspiration that provides a “Be Strong Rock On” attitude for others to help them through the day in some form or another.

Andrew has started a new Be Strong Rock On ~ “Helping Sich Children One Shirt At A Time” campaign that will help children staying in the hospital or receiving Treatment feel stronger and maybe a little safer during their stay. Andrew sells his shirts at different event and takes his proceeds and gives back to the community from his sales. Andrew shirts are like his own “Super Hero” cloak that hopefully will give some comfort to the one wearing it during a time that is needed to “Be Strong & Rock On”.

Stop by and see Andrew for his Cheque presentation to the Children’s Health Foundation that day to benefit the sick children at the hospital. Or even better pick up one of his cool shirt designs so he can continue to help others.


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