Andrew speaks to students at the University of Windsor

Andrew & I, along with 3 other guest speakers spoke to about 80 students in the Human Kentics program at the University Of Windsor March 20th. The purpose of this course is to teach students why and how to modify different physical activities in sports to enable individuals who have physical and/or cognitive barriers to over come and still be able to participate in these activities. It was a very moving day for us all! Our 20 minutes flew by and i wish that we had more time to spend sharing Andrew’s journey with everyone!
Nicole Daignault was the first guest speaker for the class. Nicole spoke about her Modified Yoga Classes for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, along with demonstrating some breathing techniques and modified asanas (postures).
The second set of speakers was Anne van Wyke and her daughter Laura van Wyke born with Down syndrome. Together, they shared with the students facts about Down syndrome and how they have seen society change over the past 40 years regarding Down syndrome. Laura enjoyed speaking about how she loves being part of the Special Olympics. Both Anne and her daughter Laura are advocates for “The Real People Campaign” and Laura had a role in a Farah Fawcett move “Jewel”
When Andrew spoke, he shared how much he enjoyed high school and that he has now completed the Life Skills Program at St. Clair College and will be graduating in June 2014. My perspective on Andrew’s journey is from a mom’s point of view is of course, and what my responsibility is to him. I enjoyed sharing with the students how rewarding my life is having Andrew as my son, how he has overcome so many challenges without ever giving up and how enriched my life is having him as my son. Thank you to all the students that brought canned goods in for Andrew to give to Street Help Homeless Shelter and Paula van Wyke their teacher for inviting us to speak to your class.

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