Andrew’s Blog Post #4

My mom and I went to London on Saturday to meet a new friend.
His name is Matthew. It was a really fun day.
We went bowling and had some lunch.
Matthew likes music, movies, games and eating at restaurants. His favourite thing to watch is Glee. I love Glee.
We love doing the same things.
He is turning 25 years old in November. I am turning 25 in April.
I cannot wait to see him again in December.

Here is a picture of Matthew and me.

This is a picture of Matthew, me and Christine. She is really cool.
Christine works with Matthew and does fun things with him. I was happy to meet her.

This is a picture of Cayla, me, Christine and Matthew hanging out at the bowling alley. Cayla was fun to hang out with. She is from Africa and i like how she talks. I showed her how to bowl. I think she already knew how to bowl. But i helped her anyway.

My mom had a fun day too. She had lunch with some ladies. They are her new friends.
My mom was picked to be Mom of the month for August. This is her birthday month.
All of these ladies are moms of the month. I am very proud of her. She was chosen because of how she juggles life. I think it’s called it Work, Life, Balance.
If i get stuck, my mom helps me and works with me. My mom is very patient with me and never gives up. My mom takes time for herself even if i keep her busy.
I love her for it.

This is a picture of Michelle, my mom, Mama Deb (She picked my mom for mom of the month) Nina and Kelly.

This is a picture of Kathy, Mama Deb and my mom. Kathy is Matthews mom. My mom was so happy to meet her.

This is me and Mama Deb. I was telling her all about my life and how I love it!

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you liked it. Hugs to you all.

Andrew Banar

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