Everyone needs an Angel – Aubri’s Angels

On October 10th 2013 i received a face book message from Kimberly a dear friend of ours. The message went like this:

Hi Karen and Andrew. I thought of you today when i was talking with my friend about a very sick little girls in our community. She is almost 7 and goes to Gore Hill Public School. She has been diagnosed with 2 forms of leukaemia and they are doing an MRI today thinking it may have spread. She is very sick. Her parents have two more younger children and all treatments are happening in London. I do not know the family, but many of my friends do. I wondered if you might be interested in raising money for them if you are interested? Please call me!

I spoke with my friend Kimberly and she filled me in on as much as she could about the little girl and her family. Aubri Andre is the beautiful little girl that has this terrible disease and she is fighting every day to beat it.
After gathering my thoughts i spoke with my son Andrew about Aubri, i remember the conversation as clear as day. Andrew & I were out for lunch and i proceeded to tell him about Aubri and the fight she has against her for the next 3 years. We talked about how terrible it was that Aubri would not be able to do what other 7 year old little girls could do since she was so sick. Andrew instantly said to me ” mom, we need to help her from my t-shirt sales” this will help her get better right?’ Andrew knew what we needed to do and many many many many of others within our community are doing it . February 28th, people from around our community, around Ontario, around Calgary, around Canada and possibly around the world will be Aubri’s Angels for all one day. Together we are all united and standing strong with this brave little girl along with her family that never leaves her side, we will think about and pray for her to heal and grow stronger. Many will be wearing Aubri’s Angels shirts or sporting yellow or purple and they will be showing how much love is with Aubri and help her to be strong.

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