Be Strong Rock On Maiysn

This is Andrew’s friend Maiysn Spencer enjoying some time away from the hospitals and visiting Colasanti Farms. Andrew & Maiysn have not met yet, but Andrew knows that one day when he is feeling better he will share with him a big Group Hug. Get well Maiysn we are praying for you all the time & Andrew is very happy that you are enjoying your “Be Strong Rock On” shirt that he gave you to keep you a little bit stronger and little bit safer while you are fighting your cancer.

This past March 2014 Maiysn was having stomach pain so his parents took him to the ER in Windsor and they did an ultrasound! They found an enlarged liver and spleen and lymph nodes throughout his body, they also found a mass in his chest. They were sent to London with more testing such as 2 bone marrow aspirates, cat scan, pet scan, and a biopsy of 2 lymph nodes! He was then diagnosed with an Extremely rare form of non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at a stage 4 as it is in his bone marrow. Maiysn has just finished round 4 of chemo as well as a blood transfusion. Please give blood whenever you can.

Please LIKE their face book page – Love and Support for Maiysn Spencer and Family

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