Chasing Hazel

Meet Hazel, the shining star behind the Blog “Chasing Hazel“……. Ok she does not do all of the blogging but she certainly knows how to show her beautiful face in many of the pictures and stories that’s for sure. AND who knew she would have a teaching degree to her at such a young age. 🙂 Please say hello to mom Stephanie – occasional teacher, her dad Matt – financial advisor and the newest addition to the family Nola, Hazel’s baby sister.

Stephanie and Matt started this amazing little blog and face book page “Chasing Hazel” to keep families and friends updated on Hazel while she was dealing with many health related issues that accompany Down syndrome ……… but then they quickly realized how important it was to share their story with the world! Many families go through similar situations like Hazel’s family, but sometimes we find comfort in reading about another person’s perspective. Here is a Group Hug shout out to the Sequin family. You Rock!

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