Designer – Kai of Kai Bags

Please meet Kai, this 14 year old boy that loves to sew and create these wonderful, vibrant shoulder bags and he has Down syndrome. I know that these bags are wonderful because i purchased one last fall and they absolutely Rock! Just like Kai and of course just like his mom Karen, his dad Jason and his very cool brother Evan.
Kai had a dream just like my son Andrew, he wanted to put money away to attend college one day and to help others. Great minds think alike Kai – and i Love it! So… Kai and his wonderful family helped him to get started on creating Kai Bags. When you have guidance, you can do anything you put your mind to and this is what Kai has………. guidance from his family & friends. Kai loves to pick out all of the patterns, buttons and the vibrant colours for each bag that is created. Here is to you Kai, Keep up all the wonderful work and keep spreading that awesome smile you have Please like his face book page and check out his website Kai Bags …………and  Share Share Share 🙂

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