Easter at Colasanti Tropical Gardens

Remember back to when you were a child and Easter had those magical moments of waking up and discovering what was left for you from the Easter Bunny……..you may have woke up to all kinds of fun games like an easter egg hunt or discover a bright colourful basket filled with chocolate bunnies, pez dispensers filled with sour candies, ¬†jelly beans or some really fun spring toys and games to play with…… like a new baseball glove or a kite to fly to the highest spot in the sky………. i imagine that Easter is still filled with the same kind of magic and excitement today for children but maybe some received one of Andrew’s cool “Be Strong Rock On” shirt in their Easter baskets….. lets take a peak at who came out to get some of Andrew’s shirts at our Easter sale held at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens…. thank you everyone for supporting Andrew and for putting magical shirts in Easter Baskets this year.


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