Helping Katelyn to “Be Strong Rock On”

This is Katelyn, the beautiful daughter of Charles and Shannon Campbell. Katelyn was diagnosed with retinoblastoma back in April of this year at three months of age. Sickkids hospital in Toronto is the only facility in Ontario, and one of only 3 in the country that deal with this type of cancer. “It’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride since then,” said Charles. They have been very lucky to have met some special people along the way including Leslie Low and her three boys who are dealing with the same kind of cancer. (I recently shared a post about the Low triplets). Katelyn is also unique in that she has a genetic condition called 13q deletion which was the cause of her cancer.

The campbell’s were forwarded our blog post about the Low triplets from a friend. They thought that what Andrew does & his designs were really cool so they placed an order right away. When i read the note they shared about their daughter Katelyn in the “Instructions from buyer area”, we needed to get in touch with them to see if we could meet them. Andrew wanted to give Katelyn her own little shirt and Teddy Bear from his Be Strong Rock On Helping Sick Kids One Shirt At A Time Campaign. Andrew & I had the opportunity to meet Charles, Shannon & Katelyn this past week and Andrew wants to continue to help more families like the Campbell family in the future.

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