I Remember The First Day Of School

Oh how i miss the first day of school & seeing Andrew so excited about experiencing this part of his life……. well maybe not so much Andrew and to tell you the truth, maybe it was just me, a mom thing seeing your child experience the first of everything, celebrate the first part of his life that he/we will only experience once.
I still remember the first new back pack, and his yellow coat with his first new lunch box and thermos, oh and the first day of meeting the teacher & bus driver along with new friends and new relationships ……… all for the very first time and how it brings me back, back to a time of emotions and feelings that i got to experience for the first time with Andrew. I know i said this already but Oh how i miss the first day of school, especially after seeing so many pictures being posted and shared of little ones some looking happy and some not to sure of what they will encounter on their first day of school. Even thought Andrew is 24 now and finished school, he asked me if he could go back and do it all again.
You see, Andrew & I have all sorts of neat conversations and when he asked me this I was confused and i knew that we needed to talked further about his idea.
I started off by explaining that you go through each grade one at a time and said that when each grade is done, you move onto the next grade then the next year. I mentioned that as we get older and we accomplish these areas of our life, we cannot start the process over again. We finish, graduate and move onto a different part of our life’s journey. Andrew said that he wanted to go back to school and that he could do this because they would let him, he could go back to grade school and not take the classes but be part of the class and help to teach the students, be an Educational Assistant and help others and with that, we are always making plans and working with his abilities so he can achieve the closest approximation of his idea as he can without starting off automatically at NO. We will be looking into Andrew helping out by reading to students and letting him experience being an Educational Assistant in his own way and he was excited about trying this for another new first in his life 🙂
We hope everyone had a fantastic first day of school.

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