If We Spend Time Judging…….

If we spend time judging, who we are…….
It takes time away from Loving, ……who we really are!

Our world shows us these quick glimpses of ways to live. We see theses images everyday. From people we meet to images on TV or social media. We see these up to second reports of what’s going on around us. Mostly snippets of other people’s lives. We see theses images daily and at times, it can consumes who we are.

When I find myself being overloaded with theses images, and find myself judging who I am. I remind myself to see life and the world around me, the way Andrew does.
He looks at everyone equally. With the same compassion going from person to person, showing no judgement, no faults. Andrew shows true honesty and acceptance of everyone he meets. He doesn’t know how to waste time judging who he is by all of these images that surround him. He is consumed with loving life. And I’m consumed with him leading my way.

If we spend time judging who we are, it takes time away from loving who we really are.

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