“It Takes A Village to Raise a Child”

The origin of the popular saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is a mystery but having had the opportunity to spend time with some young children this past week from The Regional Children’s Centre in Windsor, i also believe that “It takes love and understanding as well”.  Andrew & I met some really awesome young children and spent time building Gingerbread Houses (thank you Zehrs Kingsville) and presented them with over 65 New Stuffed Teddy Bears for Christmas. What a wonderful time we had talking about ideas for the holidays, drinking hot chocolate & of course building gingerbread villages with each of them. The Regional Children’s Centre is an accredited children’s mental health centre serving children and adolescents who are dealing with social, emotional, developmental, and/or behavioural issues, and their families. The Centre offers a variety of crisis stabilization, diagnostic, assessment, treatment, and consultative services designed to promote healthy functioning of children, youth, and their families within the home, school, and community. The Centre offers on-site out-patient and residential services and community based programs. “It takes a village to raise a child” as well as “love and understanding”. We cannot wait to stop by and visit again soon.

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