Letter to a grade one class in London Ontario

I want to share with everyone a letter that was written by Dr. Daniele Wiseman from Victoria Hospital in London Ontario. Andrew had the opportunity to meet her several years ago and then again this past week while he was selling his shirts at Hospital. What Daniele has done to encourage students in her daughters grade 1 class and promote Andrew is so beautiful! Thank you Daniele for your continued support and LOVE for who Andrew is and what he LOVES to do for others. Please take a moment to read the following letter.

Andrew & Dr. Daniele Wiseman

Dear Mrs. Anderson’s Grade One Class,

I am Lauren Maxwell’s mother. I work at Victoria Hospital. A few years ago I met a young man there named Andrew. He has Down Syndrome. This means that he has had to face more challenges than most people with his health and with his ability to learn. Despite this, he maintains a positive attitude and he never lets his issues get him down. He designed a t-shirt with the logo “Be strong, Rock On!”. This tells us that no matter what bad things happen, and every one of us will face hard times and challenges, we must hold our heads high and never give up.
Every time I watch you in your French play, at the concerts and school events, I am inspired by each and every one of you. You all have so much potential and talent. Lauren and I are so honored to experience a small part of your childhood with you. You have the world at your feet and if you work hard and believe in yourself, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. The sky is the limit.
I want to gift each of you with a Be Strong, Rock on t-shirt so you will remember how brave you are, how smart you are and how strong you are when the going gets tough. The money from the t-shirt sales goes directly to help sick children have an easier time while in hospital. So when you wear your shirt you will not only be showing your bravery, but will also be helping little kids.
I also want you to realize that you will have many fabulous teachers at Matthew’s Hall and in your high school and University years. Having said that, it is my sincere belief that Mrs. Anderson IS the best teacher you will ever have so don’t forget to tell her so! Enjoy the rest of Grade One!
Dr. Daniele Wiseman
(Lauren’s mama)

Beautiful! Thank you Daniel and thank you students from Matthew’s Hall.
“Be Strong Rock On” all through life!


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