Mom Of The Month and a Birthday.

I woke this morning at 7 am to Andrew making me coffee and a couple of text messages from loved ones and an e mail from Moma Deb.

Text messages
…Good morning Karen, I hope you have a Happy Birthday today!!
…GM, we hope you have a fantastic birthday!
…Happy Happy Special birthday! Make it a great day. See you tomorrow.

How lucky am I. And back to…… I awoke to Andrew making me coffee and giving me a birthday card. The idea of Andrew remembering my birthday was that much more special and meaningful to me. It’s not like i reminded him every day like he does for his birthday lol
We sat out side, drank coffee (Andrew orange juice) and talked…. but the thing that Andrew was most excited about (and so was I) was the birthday card he picked out for me.

(front cover) “Mom, just a little reminder……(inside) …. that you’re my HERO. Happy Birthday”. Mom, I love you very much! Love Andrew.

The best part he said was the fridge magnet that was inside of the card. It was of “Wonder Woman” with the saying “Mom’s got it under control!” He said that i need to put it on the fridge to see it every day……and so it is there to remind me of the wonderful son i have and shhhhhh the truth is that Andrew is my HERO and is the reason i am the woman i am today.

So with that being said, I have been crying since i woke up this morning and continued too as i read an e-mail and this blog that was written by a beautiful lady “Mama Deb”.

….Hi Lovely Lady!

Congrats on being my August Mom of the Month! I will profile you each month and I hope you enjoy our interview!

Mama Deb

Before you continue to read Moma Deb’s blog, everyone who knows me or follows Group Hug Apparel, knows that i constantly talk about Andrew and everything that he does… the tables got turned when I was approached to speak about myself… and you would not believe how difficult that can be. I am so very honoured to share a side of myself with all of you today.

August Mom of the Month!

When you speak with Karen, she immediately radiates that she loves life and sees things a little differently than most people. One of her favourite sayings and quite frankly her daily mantra is “Be blessed for what you have as it can change in a moment”. She knows this all too well and you will see why from our interview. Raising her amazing son Andrew has been a joy.

Please read more here:
August – Mom Of The Month – Karen Pickle

Thank You so much for being part of my birthday today even though Andrew asked me this morning with a straight face. “Mom, your 32 right” how could i not say yes that handsome face.

Karen Pickle ~ Andrew’s mom

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