Never forget the journey

I have been seeing so many beautiful pictures of students getting all dressed up and graduating from grade 8. It is always wonderful to see the happy faces and proud moments being created. Seeing them reminded me of many wonderful memories from Andrew’s graduation so many years ago and I became overwhelmed with emotions.
I remembered the day so clearly, how proud Andrew was standing with his entire class, being honoured just like his friends were being honoured for all of their achievements over their grade school years preparing them for the next chapter of their lives.
I recalled how Andrew face lit up when his name was called to receive the Kit La Casse award that his peers nominated him for overcoming so many challenges that he faced over his elementary school years. I recalled all of the wonderful letters that were written about Andrew from students and teachers of why they thought he was so deserving of this award. I cried then and i cried again today knowing that those years are just a fraction of beautiful memories being created with Andrew experiencing life and not just preparing for it. If that’s all we did was prepare for life, and not enjoy the journey I would have forgotten all of these beautiful moments that Andrew and our family has experience thus far and how sad would that be.

Always enjoy your journey because many beautiful memories will exist in doing so.

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