“Our Time” Program and Gingerbread Houses

On Dec 13th Andrew had a great time helping out at the “Our Time” program through Family Respite Services. This program offers opportunity to Children with special needs be able to engage in activities just like their friends in a “day camp” style program on Saturday afternoons. Watching all of these children create and decorate Gingerbread Houses was so heartwarming. It reminded me of simple pleasures that everyone should experience. Thank you Zehrs in Kingsville for providing houses for children with Intellectual & physical disabilities to build & enjoy. Your kindness has gone a long way. Chelsea, one of the supervisors mentioned that one particular boy was really focused on creating his house and completing the activity at hand. This was a side of him that they have not seen before and it was so nice to watch.
Andrew wanted to help others have the opportunity to participate in building Gingerbread Houses for an afternoon and seeing so many smiles while we were there was all we needed. Andrew loved being able to give big stuffed animals from his “Helping Sick Kids” Teddy Bear campaign to each of them and then finishing the afternoon enjoying a swim with all of his new friends. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Have a very Merry Christmas each and everyone of you.

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