T2B Drum-a-thon with Jeff Burrows.

This year T2B (Transitions 2 Betterness) hosted a drum-a-thon with Jeff Burrows. Jeff is the drummer for The Tea Party and also has a band called Crash Karma with Edwin and Mike Turner. Jeff is also a DJ on The Rock radio station.

Jeff personally invited Andrew out to jam and sell his cool swag (that’s Rocker lingo for t-shirts an’ stuff) Well Andrew and drums go together like milk and chocolate syrup, like watermelon and August, like.. well you get the idea. Andrew had a riot, sold a bunch of swag, and listened to some great music.

T2B’s mission is to provide comfort and compassion to cancer patients & families in the community.

Andrew all set up and selling some of his cool designs.

Fun times

Andrew testing out the skins and playing a son or two.

Why not play along with the band.

Doris Lapico (one of the founding partners of T2B) proudly supporting Andrew all while Andrew is supporting T2B 🙂

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