Tea for 3-2-1

There are days when you just need to celebrate and share it with others…. this is what Andrew & I (Andrew’s mom) 🙂 had the opportunity to do a couple of weeks ago with the Brantford Down Syndrome Association, during their annual Tea for 3-2-1 Down syndrome celebration at Walters Green House & Garden Centre in Paris Ontario. OK, we needed to clarify Ontario and will put it out there for anyone wanting us to be presenters one day in PARIS PARIS :)…. Ok, moving on. Andrew shared his journey with a group of 120 guests over tea and treats and he also sold his wonderful “Be Strong Rock On” shirts and apparel afterwards. What i loved the most is that when Andrew spoke everyone listened and enjoyed what he was sharing about his life… and when i had the opportunity to share my part of Andrew’s journey with the group the emotions ran out of me…. I was comforted by the audience when I spoke… they laughed, cried and listened ….and then comforted again from the warmth of Andrews beautiful embrace that has always provided me with the courage and strength to be the mom that i need to be for him. WOW! What an amazing day it was! Thank you Sarah Beyerle for inviting us to speak at your event…….and THANK YOU to the Branford Down Syndrome Association for making a difference in peoples lives! And Thank you to the people that “Rocked Your Socks” just for Andrew! You are wonderful!  Please enjoy some photos and feel free to contact us if you know of anyone wanting to have us at an event to speak and share Andrew’s wonderful journey.

Karen & Andrew

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