The chosen path

I am so grateful that you helped me chose my path in life many years ago. And I’m blessed to share it with so many wonderful people along the way, especially you.

Since we have started this journey together, I have learnt that many people may pass you by, moving quicker and faster, accomplishing things at a different speed than you do. Some days you may notice and others you may not and it doesn’t seem to bother you at all, and that’s okay with you. And it’s because of this, you have shown me how to see life, in your own way, through your own perspective. And this is so beautiful to see. You’ve shown me how to greet people with smile’s and hello’s and often a hug or two before continuing on our way. And it’s because of you, that my life is like this, and I am happy to experience it with you. You, the young man that takes his time, smelling the flowers, enjoying the scenery and always walking by my side.
You have shown me so many wonderful and beautiful things along our journey and most importantly, you have taught me to…..take……. time… to walk…..a…..little…..slower and….experience….life ….at your pace. And do you know what, I enjoy our walks that much more. I’ve learnt to slow down and not rush along the way, so we can have beautiful and meaningful conversations about life. About what goals we can achieve together and how we can approach life each and every day. Some days we do this more quietly, by taking our time, working together so we can really appreciate all that surrounds us.

My daily path was chosen for me many years ago and I am so grateful to be walking it with you, my son, Andrew.

Love your mom xoxo

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