Three Times the Beauty and Three Time the Love

When Andrew set out to help others from his “Helping Sick Kids One Shirt At A Time” campaign, i never imagined that his love would touch so many kiddies and their families outside of our own community. How beautiful is this. This little story brought tears to my eyes because Andrew wanted to share some of his love and little Teddy Bears with not just one sick little boy but three sick little boys who are all brothers. They are triplets.

When Andrew first heard about these little boys he came to me and said that they needed to have some of his Teddy Bears and little shirts to keep them safe while they were in the hospital. So we did our research and sent them 3 bears for them to snuggle with ( hand picked by Andrew ) and 3 little baby shirts with Andrew’s Head Phone Jack design on them to keep them brave. The Low triplets, all born with a rare form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma (Heritable Bilateral Retinoblastoma). Thomas, Mason and Luke Low just celebrated their First birthday but have been travelling from Alberta to Toronto more times than many. These little men are fighters, and are continuously be poked, prodded and operated on by so many Doctors and specialist all because of this terrible disease. Thomas, Mason and Luke cannot do it without all these wonderful people that they have in their lives. Please keep them all in your prayers and if you read through the Blog about this courageous family, you will understand why Andrew wanted to send his love.

Following is a letter from the Low family to us: Andrew & Karen, My name is Richard Low. I am the father of Thomas, Mason and Luke Low, the triplets with eye cancer. My wife and I just wanted to give our heartfelt thank you for the shirts and teddy bears you sent our little boys. It was really thoughtful of you and we really appreciate it. The boys love playing (and chewing) with their bears. Andrew, we can tell you are one strong kid. We wish you the best of luck in everything. I’ve attached a picture with the boys in their shirts. Richard Low

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