Andrew enjoys giving his shirts to little ones to help keep them brave and strong during an illness or receiving treatments. He calls them “his super hero shirts”. Andrew sends these shirts, along with a stuffed animal and a special hand written note to little ones all over Canada, the US and overseas. We even hand deliver these special packages when we can.

A portion of the sales from Andrew’s shirt sales online and at local markets and fairs, are also donated to local charities such as W.E. Care For Kids, Children’s Health Foundation, Community Living Essex County and Transition to Betterness, just to name a few.

“Meeting Gracie along with you and the rest of your family Kim
helped us to create a special campaign of
#HelpingSickChildrenOneShirtAtATime. Andrew has always given to
others from his sales, but focusing on the little ones who were sick in
the hospital or receiving treatments for an illness or in need of a
heart transplant 🙂 made this focus that much more specific and that
much more special. It’s because of your beautiful granddaughter
that Andrew has gone on to helping so many others. We’ve gained a
friendship and witnessed kindness from a wonderful family who
chose to donate their loved ones organs so others had the chance to
experience so much of what life has to offer.
We are blessed to see this picture and to see your beautiful smiles.
❤ Thank you for sharing it with us. “ ~ Karen and Andrew

”Sophie and I wearing our Group Hug Apparel shirts. If you
haven’t checked them out you should. Andrew Banar started
selling clothing to help pay for college and donating to
charities and also helping kids who are sick.”
“The shirts are super soft and comfortable to wear. We will
definitely be ordering more in the near future.”

Greg (Sophie’s Dad)
Sophie’s Story T21 www.facebook.com/SophiesStoryT21/

To date, Andrew has donated over $65,000.00 towards the charities he supports
from his ongoing “Helping Sick Children One Shirt At A Time” campaign.
If you are interested in supporting Andrew and live near or far, you can do so by be a sponsor of one of his “Bear In A Bag” gifts that he gives to children who are sick or receiving treatment for an illness. Your sponsorship will help cover the costs of shipping and some of the gifts added to each backpack.

Feel free to share his page with others. It helps to keep his love travelling around the world and keeps his page active.
And a big thank you for following Andrew and everything he does.

Love ~ Karen (Andrew’s mom)

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