Who wants cupcakes – Cristina’s Tortina Shop Inc.

When i saw this news clip, my heart went thump, I smiled, I cried and then gathered my thoughts together and instantly said to myself SHARE SHARE AND SHARE again.
Mary Iusso President and Proud mom to Cristina the little girl born with Down syndrome that is the inspiration behind Cristina’s Tortina Shop Inc.
The unique Cupcakery was created for her daughter Cristina and other individuals with Down syndrome. CTS creates equal employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome, Autism and other Special Needs. As a team, they are advocates for recognizing and supporting the abilities of these individuals. Cristina’s Tortina Shop will “showcase their capabilities” to customers who visit the shop and enjoy beautifully prepared and always delicious desserts. CTS employees will also develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their own learned abilities to make unique cupcakes, specialty cakes, cookies and other treats as they share their skills with customers and develop a sense of leadership and camaraderie as a member of the cupcake team and society.

When you are touched by someone that is so passionate about an idea and dream for their child that has special needs like i am about my son Andrew  you have to share it with the world. Please like their face book page as well. Congratulations Mary you Rock!


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