Andrew’s 2nd Blog Post

Andrew’s Blog:


We went to the mall to sell My shirts. I helped We Care For Kids from my sales. We met Olaf and lots of nice people.

We Went to london for my Dr Appointment. They checked my heart with The Echo Machine. I saw my heart moving on the screen. It was cool. I will go back in A year. It is Congenital Heart Defect Month. Be good to your heart.

Monday night
We Went to the cooking class at Zehrs With my friends.
We made chicken Cordon Bleu, garden salad with french dressing, tomato mozzarella Bread. I love Hanging out with my friends.

I work At Colasanti’s I like my job
I help in Arcade And mini golf course. I also help in the store after Lunch.
My grandma picked me up at work today.

Tuesday night
I had drum lessons with Dave. It is always fun. I played a song called uptown funk by Bruno Mars. I nailed it.
I had dinner with my cousin after my lessons. We went to Boston pizza. Chicken wings and no pizza.

This was a fun day for me. I did not work. I went to St. Clair College with my mom. We spoke to students and had lunch. I gave out Valentine Hearts and they gave me a big card. I like talking to students about my life. They liked it to.

I hope you like my blog.

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