Andrew’s 3rd Blog Post

Monday – Family Day
We sold shirts at Colasanti’s for Calvin. He is sick in the hospital. I am praying for Calvin to get better soon.

I worked at my job. I helped my boss Ashley with making flyers. They go in bags for customers. I like helping Ashley. Colasantis has good chicken.

My mom and I mailed shirts to sick kids today. I wrote letters to them so they feel better.

I visit at the seniors home. I like doing that with my mom. Its nice to visit with them.

My mom and I helped make ribbons with my friends. They are blue and yellow. I am selling Ribbons for World Down Syndrome Day. This is March 21st. I worked hard.

It’s not cool to be a bully. Give hugs and love. I shared my picture with everyone.

I hope you like my blog.

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