Andrew’s First Blog Post

Andrew Banar post about my week
On monday I had A free day. I Played Rock band on the ps3 and it was fun.
I played the drums I practice welcome home by Coheed and Cambria. it is cool song.
I like free days.

On Tuesday I worked at Colasanti’s. I helped to take tokens out of the games. Then I had lunch with employees. Then I went to fruits stand with Tracy. I worked hard.

After work I met my neighbours Carter, Ava their mom Tina. We played golf, some games and went on rides. It was fun hanging out with my neighbours. my mom and Tina had fun too.

My Cousin Kyle took me to Jam Space for drums practice with David.
After drums practice we went to Billys restaurant to eat. I had wings with fries and pop. That was my day. goodbye

Saturday my mom and I went to a skating pizza party. We met our friends Matt, Stephanie, Hazel and Nola. This is Hazel.

I fell on the ice and i hurt my elbow. It is okay now. We laughed hard.

Mom Post:
Andrew wanted to write about what he does during the week and i thought it was a great idea! So this is Andrew’s very first post and i know with more practice he will have more things to share with all of you.
What may take most of us a few minutes to write has taken Andrew 3 days and several hours each day. This is a wonderful accomplishment for him and i am so very proud of his patience and willingness to continue.

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