Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, Everyday!

Andrews journey in life is leading to many beautiful destinations.

This past week, Andrew was invited to speak to grade 6 students from Saint ursula School in McGregor ON and to pick up 505 decorate socks for Andrew’s “Rock Your Socks” pasta dinner fundraiser being held at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens on April 1st. Read more here:
What an amazing and warm welcome we received from everyone, thank you.

These students certainly did their research about Andrew that’s for sure and I think that an A++ is well deserved.

The students not only new about Andrew and his Group Hug Apparel business of his helping sick children on shirt at a time fundraising, being named a Canadian Down syndrome hero but they also new many things about “Down syndrome” as well. They asked wonderful questions, purchased shirts and tickets to his upcoming pasta fundraiser and even donated to Andrew’s “Bear In A Bag” campaign and of course a Group Hug followed by pictures couldn’t be resisted.

Their entire school celebrated World Down syndrome Day on March 21st (3-21) “Rocking their Socks” along with the rest of the world, which then lead to a discussion on why March 21st was chosen as World Down Syndrome Day.

Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of “all” or “part” of a third copy of chromosome 21. Every body is born with 23 sets of chromosomes which half of them is inherited from each parent. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a “full” or “partial” extra copy of chromosome 21. So, 3 copies on the 21 set of chromosomes. Pretty fascinating don’t you think? So did the students.

Before we finished the afternoon, the class had another wonderful surprise for Andrews upcoming 25th birthday on April 5th.
Each awesome student presented Andrew with a hand made birthday card and inside they wrote a “Random Act Of Kindness” they would do for someone on April 5th. If you know Andrew, he asks for Random Acts Of Kindness as a birthday wish. This is his “Be The Reason Someone Smiles Day” and when the students were researching Andrew, they wanted to help make his Birthday wish come true.
And I only cried several times listening to each of them share how Andrew inspires them to help others for a simple birthday wish. “You guys Rock!

Thank you so much Sandra Lebert, (grade 6 teacher) for being such an amazing teacher & inviting us for such an amazing day!

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