Colasanti Craft Fair

Andrew attended the 3rd annual craft fair at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens Feb 2, 2013 and this year was a special event for a special girl named Grace Nightingale. ¬†Grace is in need of a heart transplant and is only 1 year old. When Andrew & his mom found out about Grace they instantly decided that they wanted to help out the family. A portion of his proceeds will go toward there stay in Toronto while at Sick Kids Hospital. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to hear about Grace and support such an important little girl. We have another event in March for Grace so stay posted to the event page.

[flickr id=”8440016196″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium_640″ group=”” align=”none”] [flickrset id=”72157632676273146″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

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