Coming together with a Simple Plan

So it’s now been over 24 hours and Andrew is still on cloud 9. This magical evening for Andrew……. Okay and me, his mom was seeing his face light up every 2 seconds if not quicker as the night unfolded.

So we started the evening off by eating dinner (of course) at a very cool restaurant ‘Wine-o-logy’ with good friends Tara and her son Sam where we ran into more friends from The Mix 96.7 radio station, Arlene and radio personality Keri, of course there were hugs all around. The Mix radio station played a huge roll to our ‘Simple Plan‘ experience for that evening with the kick off to Simple Plans World Tour “Taking One For The Team” in Windsor Ontario. Read more here. Proceeds from this benefit concert was in support of a wonderful local charity “Transitions To Betterness”.

Andrew then ran into his friend Robi, drummer from Huttch who was opening for Simple Plan that evening, where they also exchanged one of Andrews famous hugs. Andrew noticed the cool shirt Robi was wearing and thought it was pretty fantastic….. hmmmm one of his own Group Hug Apparel designs, how awesome was this.

After dinner, we made our way to the Old Walkerville Theatre where we were taken to the VIP area to meet with our friend David Desrosiers from Simple Plan, who graciously took Andrew to meet the rest of the band members. Andrew was introduced to everyone and was greeted with great kindness from them all.
David set Andrew up appetizers and a beverage and then Andrew gave every member one of his t-shirt designs. Andrew thought that it was pretty cool to talk drums with fellow drummer Chuck Comeau  and then receive a copy of the set list for that nights show.
What made Andrew even more excited was getting it autographed by the guys from the band.
Andrew was already over the moon, until lead singer Pierre Bouvier, asked Andrew if he wanted a group photo. OMG do you think he would say no, of course not.

After Andrew said good bye and thanking the band for everything, David escorted us back to the VIP area to wait for the show to begin. Another big hug went to David along with our thanks for having us as his guests that evening.

Andrew did not sit very long before he was on his feet, Rockin it out to his favourite songs, performed by his new friends and amazing band “Simple Plan”. Andrew was treated to another awesome experience of being swept back stage by the tour manager to view that band up close. What a spectacular view.

Later I asked Andrew what he enjoyed most about the evening and he said “absolutely everything”. What a fantastic way to look at life everyday and to enjoy every single moment. Thanks for the great reminder Andrew, I am so glade you had fun. Oh, and if you were wondering, so did I.

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