Even Super Heros Need A Hand Sometimes

Andrew is contacted often to help provide comfort for little one’s who are sick in the hospital or receiving treatments for an illness. He does this by sending packages to them with a new stuffed toys or one of his Group Hug Apparel ~ Be Strong Rock On shirts and sometimes by hand delivering “Bear In A Bag” gifts to them along with a note of encouraging words, kind thoughts and to say hello.

Just recently, we were contacted with a special request from a Bobbie Grubb who has been following Andrew and his business for several years. Bobbie shared the following note with us:

I know that Andrew is all about helping sick children, but i was wondering if he would be able to help two young children whose father is getting ready to start battling cancer.
My cousin’s husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is preparing himself for chemo and radiation therapies. They have two children Quinn 6 and Lucian 4. They told their 6 year old son who is having difficulty getting a grasp on the situation. They are very optimistic that they will overcome this obstacle. Please let me know if this is something you can do.

Speaking with Andrew, he wanted to help the same way that he helps other children who are sick or going through treatments, he wanted to give Quinn and Lucian one of his shirts and a new stuffed toy to keep them company. We stopped by for a visit yesterday and met two adorable little boys who see their dad as a their Super Hero and it brought tears to my eyes as we left.

Since our visit, I’ve learnt that their family does not have any health benefits and Nathan’s sick leave pay from work will not last as long as what was expected. With everything that they have in front of them, i want to share a go fund me page that was set up by a family member to help cover expenses as they arise during Nathan’s treatments. Please feel free to offer words of encouragement and prayers, this will help show that the community is thinking about them during this difficult time.
Even Super Heros need a hand sometimes.

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