Happy New Year 2015

2014 was a wonderful year for Andrew & his Group Hug Apparel. We met so many wonderful people that touched our lives in so many ways. Throughout this past year, we were contacted by people from around the world that shared with us stories of their loved ones who were either sick in hospital or going through treatment for an illness. We heard stories of people overcoming challenges and of people wanting to help others because they were inspired. We cried together, we laughed together and we became friends together and some times we just listened because this is all that was wanted. That silent shoulder for someone to lean on and be there.
From all of these heartfelt stories and friendships, Andrew’s “Be Strong Rock On Helping Sick Kids One Shirt At A Time” campaign began. We wanted to provide children with one of Andrew’s “Be Strong Rock On” shirts and a Teddy Bear to help make them feel stronger and a little safer during their hospital stay or going through treatments. It was nice seeing everyone hashtag #BeStrongRockOn with some of their pictures that they shared with us. Thank You.We celebrated World Down syndrome Day on March 21st by supporting people that we loved with Down syndrome by wearing crazing socks. We received many wonderful pictures of people from around the world who Rocked their socks for someone. What a great day that was. Don’t forget to “Rock Your Socks” again on world Down syndrome day and remember to hashtag #rockyoursocks and post them on media pages for all to see or share them with us again. We love seeing pictures of everyone honouring someone that they with Down syndrome.On April 5th 2014, Andrew’s birthday wish began. Instead of receiving gifts for his birthday, Andrew wanted others to provide Random Acts Of Kindness and so we started our “Be The Reason Someone Smiles Day” campaign. It was a huge success. So everyone get your thinking caps on for 2015 campaign and this year hashtag #BeTheReasonSomeoneSmiles and post it on media pages for everyone to see.In December we held our Gingerbread House Making Fundraiser for Andrew’s Group Hug Apparel Helping Sick Kids campaign. With the wonderful support from Zehrs in Kingsville, we were also able to provide many children with intellectual and physical disabilities the opportunity to make Gingerbread Houses and have a day of holiday fun. We are excited to make this an annual event.We wrapped up the year by handing out many wonderful New Teddy Bears and Toys to sick children for Christmas but this could not have been possible without all of your generosity and your continued support and love for who Andrew is and what he does for others. Happy New Year from one proud momma, Andrew and his Group Hug Apparel. We hope to see you in 2015.

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