I was chosen to be a Hero – A Canadian Down Syndrome Hero

With help from my mom we wrote this together ~ Andrew Banar

When I heard i was chosen as a Canadian Down syndrome Hero I was very happy about this. It makes me feel good to be recognized and appreciated for who I am and what I am doing with my life. I really like making a differences and I like helping others. It’s an important part of my life to help people. It makes them feel happy and this makes me feel good that i am doing something special for others and putting smiles on there faces.

“Group Hug Apparel” is my own business that my mom helps me with. I sell my own
t-shirts that say “Be Strong Rock On” along with my own drawings on them. My mom helps me to sell them on line and at events. I even sell them when my mom and I are guest speakers and I get to share my story about my life. People enjoy hearing me speak about my life and what i am doing. When i speak, i let everyone know that i help sick children from my t-shirt sales. I tell them that It’s important to help others because you never know when you may need help. My mom says that giving my shirts to children who are sick and in the hospital helps them feel good. My mom says that i am a super Hero when I give my shirts to wear. I want them to feel safe and brave during their hospital stay or if they are receiving treatments by wearing one of my “Be Strong Rock On” shirts. This really makes me feel good by help them and be a friend.
If you have goals or an idea and cannot figure them out, you should ask for help to make them happen. I had a goal to attend college one day and I wanted to raise the money so I could go. This is how my Group Hug Apparel business started. My mom helped me and worked with me so I could do some of the things in my business by myself. My mom can “see my abilities” every day and she knows that if I am going to work hard than she is going to work hard to help me. I think that others see my abilities as well.
Dianne Sedore-McCoy nominated me to be a Down syndrome Hero and I have never met her. It is so nice to have people notice what you can do to make a difference and maybe inspire someone else to do good things. Thank you so much Dianne. I hope to meet you one day.

I graduated from St. Clair College in June 2014 from the Life Skills Program. It was a great experience for me.
Thank you so much for encouraging me and believing in my abilities.
Andrew Banar

This is what Dianne Sedore-McCoy wrote:  “He is a hero, not because he has Down syndrome and because of his business, but because he goes above and beyond to make the world better for those who are facing challenges,” wrote Dianne Sedore-McCoy, who nominated Andrew. Sedore-McCoy is the grandparent of a child with Down syndrome. “With role models like Andrew, I am confident that my granddaughter will have a place in this world and be accepted for who she is.”

Dianne Sedore-McCoy

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