Inspiring Business Owners

I was looking through previous e mails and i came across one that was written by Maureen Wallace of SheKnows media about Inspiring Business Owners who not only have a business but they also have Down syndrome. Reading this again made me remember that what Andrew is doing with his life is so important to him and many others.

Maureen shares in her article from September 2013 the following information.

“These are not your parents’ perceptions of disability!

Most parents say dreams for their children’s future center on one goal — happiness. For parents of children with special needs, we often add “independence.”

As mom to a 3-year-old with Down syndrome, I think about Charlie’s future in some way every day. It’s a very different approach to parenthood because while no child’s happy, successful and productive future is guaranteed, options are much more plentiful for a typically-developing child, such as my daughter.

I worry how we’ll pay for college for both of them (while worrying if Charlie will be able to attend college). I worry whether my daughter will choose sports over drugs and ambitious friends over slackers (while worrying whether Charlie will be able to cross the street safely by himself one day).

Then I learn of families who pushed worries to the side and focused on their child with Down syndrome — his likes, her abilities, his talents or her hobbies. I’ve learned that when parents allow children to steer their own destinies, good things can happen.”

Maureen writes about 3 young Inspiring Business Owners Tim Harris owner of Tim’s Place , Christian Royal owner of Christian Royal Pottery and our own Andrew Banar owner of Group Hug Apparel, all who have Down syndrome. Feel free to read more here and since this was written almost 2 years ago, please go to their sites and see what has happened since her article.

Thank you Maureen for reminding me that Tim, Christian & Andrew are taking the fear out of the word “future” for so many families.

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