Looking back in 2015 and Looking forward to 2016

Happy New Year 2016

~ I want to inspire others to never give up ~

You have welcomed my son Andrew into your lives and we cannot thank you enough. My family is humbled by everyone’s support, encouragement and love that you have shown over these past 8 years. Can you  believe that, 8 years? Now that I have actually said it out loud, I am so excited and honoured to say that we are going into our 9th year of Andrew “Helping Sick Children One Shirt At A Time”. Let’s make this his best year yet.

Andrew absolutely loves supporting others from his GHA sales/fundraisers along with being able to help support himself and save for his future. This is important for him and it helps him feel like he is part of the community and contributes in his own way.

This past year has been amazing and with every new accomplishment Andrew has made, it makes me step back in awe and smile with tremendous pride for what he has achieved. I may repeat these words often, but i am one proud momma and I am determined to have Andrew participate in life and not just be on the outside looking in. And I am grateful to have each and everyone of you in our lives to enjoy these experiences with us.

Please feel free to take a look back at some of the things that Andrew did in 2015

~ January ~

Andrew started the year off by attending Transitions To Betterness (T2B) annual Kids Kicking Cancer celebration.
He handed out New Stuffed Toys to every child in this magnificent group. Please read more:  Kids Kicking Cancer

Andrew also met Luka, a young man who is caring, compassionate and selfless. Luka had a birthday wish that i think you would all like to read about here: Luka 

~ February ~

Andrew wrote his first blog post ever. Tell us what you think.

Also in February, we raised awareness for families that have loved ones with Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Enjoy our post here: CHD

~ March ~

We celebrated Andrew being named a Canadian Down syndrome Hero in March. Wow what an honour.

…… and this helped to bring us into Andrew selling beautiful ribbons, celebrating World Down syndrome day on March 21st and it’s only March.

~ April ~

This was a busy month preparing for Andrew’s annual “Be The Reason Someone Smiles Day” birthday wish of helping others instead of receiving gifts. Now that’s a mouth full.  Many people from around the world came together to celebrate and do random acts of kindness all for Andrew’s birthday wish. I don’t think we slept all month.

~ June ~

A fabulous group of volunteers and our wonderful friends, planned a fantastic event that brought over 200 friends and family together to honour Andrew in our community. The tears that flowed that day. Andrew was so excited to meet so many people. Please read more here: Honouring a Hero

……. and we hope that everyone can attend our next event planned for April 1st, 2016. This will not only celebrate WDSD but Andrew’s 25th Birthday. I think we are going to Rock Your Socks with this one. ~ Yes wear your wildest socks and one of Andrew’s tee’s that night, you won’t be disappointed.

If the previous was not exciting enough, well Andrew also teamed up with local artisan Pam Heal owner of Girly Bits Cosmetics to create a nail polish for his girl friend Julia, and guess what, it’s also called “Julia”

~ July ~

Andrew loves helping others so much that he visits little ones who are in the hospital to show friendship and deliver New Stuffed toys for comfort and love. If Andrew could do this everyday, he would. That’s how much love he has for anyone who is not feeling well. Please read  The visit here.

~ August ~

Mom’s celebrate birthdays right? Well who would have thought that I would be nominated as Augusts Mom on the Month.

~ September ~

Andrew wants children who are sick or receiving treatment to Be Strong & Rock On. He wants to help them feel better and here is one of the many special children that Andrew  has had the honour of meeting this past year. Please meet Mason. I wish we could share them all, so I had Andrew choose one for this post.

~ October ~

We have to mention that throughout the year, Andrew always meets wonderful people. Well Andrew had the opportunity to meet Matthew and become wonderful friends and hopefully long lasting ones forever. Read about meeting Matthew here.

~ December ~

Andrew delivers love for Christmas.

With all of the preparations happening for Christmas, like putting trees up, gift wrapping and baking etc.  Andrew made sure he had time to deliver over 400 New stuffed toys to children who were sick in the hospital just before Christmas as well as make a donation to W.E. Care For Kids for $1000.00

Many of you already know this: All through the year Andrew collects Brand New (unused and tag still on please) stuffed toys and teddy bears. He delivers these gifts not just at Christmas but year round to children who are sick or receiving treatments. So please feel free to contact us anytime if you want to donate a stuffed toy or two, or you can sponsor a “Bear In A Bag” gift on Andrew’s website if you are not in our area.

Thank you for looking back over the year with Andrew. Your love and support is greatly appreciated and we wish you all the best in 2016.

Love: Karen & Andrew

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