Luka’s Birthday Wish

Andrew met an amazing young man along with his family …. and what he wanted for his own Birthday this year was so touching and heart warming we had to share it with all of you.

Luka Mesic, now 13 years old plays hockey for one of the Junior Spitfire Teams in Windsor. He celebrated his birthday this past week and gave Andrew the opportunity to meet his entire team, the trainers, coaches and some really awesome parents of some of the players. Andrew even got to do warm ups with the team and called out the teams starting line up in the change room ahead of time. Thank you for giving Andrew this opportunity, he had a blast and felt just like a team player!

Luka’s wonderful mom Liz contacted me by way of e-mail and she wanted to share with me what her son wanted for his birthday this year. Now, you might think that it would have been a Birthday Party & cake with the latest and greatest video games, or phone devices, gift cards etc. (I know, because Andrew is into all of those ideas himself) BUT it was not any of those things. Instead of a Birthday Party and gifts, Luka approached his mom and wanted to purchase Andrew’s Group Hug Apparel shirts for each of his team mates and coaches. (Tears were flowing as i was reading this letter from Liz).
Luka and his brother Adam received Andrew’s shirts several years ago from their mom and attached was information about why Andrew was selling his shirts. Saving money for college.

After all these years, Luka (probably 8 or 9 at the time) remembered that Andrew was saving money for college and he wanted to contribute to help make this happen. (OMG and of course, i started crying again). How thoughtful this was, coming from a boy turning 13 years old. Mom and dad, i must say that you have raised an amazing son.
After sharing with Liz and Luka that Andrew had graduated in June 2014 from St. Clair Colleges Life Skills Program, Luka was still pumped about helping Andrew out for his future endeavours of Helping Sick Kids One Shirt At A Time.

Luka picked out each shirt and Andrew carefully packaged them with the players and coaches names on them for the big surprise and they were a big hit. The players wore their shirts at the recent game and Andrew was so honoured to have his picture taken with them.

Thank you so much Luka, for taking an early part in Andrew’s 2nd Annual “Be The Reason Someone Smiles Day” happening April 5th for Andrew’s Birthday Wish of doing Random Acts Of Kindness for someone else. You have done this already with your team and being so kind to Andrew. We hope you had a great Happy Birthday Luka and thank you for putting a smile on Andrew’s face, your really awesome in his books as well as mine!

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