Mason’s Fight

Andrew had the opportunity to meet his new friend Mason last week and he gave him, along with his mom and dad some of his “Be Strong Rock On” shirts. Andrew enjoys giving his shirts to little ones to help keep them brave and strong during an illness or receiving treatments. He calls them “his super hero shirts”. Mason had returned home from London Sick Children’s hospital the day before and his momma thought that it was a good time to meet him while he was feeling well. It was so nice to finally meet Chantelle and Mason and to see first hand at how brave and strong they are for each other.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet this amazing momma, you will see true beauty and positive energy that she has for her 3 year old son Mason. Chantelle is so soft spoken and focused on what is important right here, right now for Mason.
On Mason’s face book page ” Mason’s Fight”, Chantelle writes that on April 24th 2015, their world changed when Dr’s discovered a mass in his pelvic area pushing on his bladder. After being transferred to London Sick Children’s Hospital and many tests later, it was confirmed that Mason had stage 2 Rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal cancer.
For Mason, he has begun his 43 weeks of treatment, will under go some surgery and receive radiation to kick this disease out of him and this is where his mom and dad are amazing. They are not looking back just forward, towards Mason’s future and what they need to do today, one test, one treatment & one day at a time. Making sure that Mason can enjoy his toys & trucks that he loves and everything else that a 3 year old should be enjoying, his childhood.
Mason may be your Hero mom and dad, but i am sure that one day he will recognize that you are his hero’s as well. A family of true super Hero’s. That’s pretty cool.

Please follow this wonderful family for updates on face book ~ Mason’s Fight. You can share your love and support for Mason and we will continue to share ours with you as well. We are praying for you Mason, Andrew say’s “you got this buddy”.
Sending you love.

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