Mobile Hair Services for Busy Families

Mobile Hair Services for Busy Families, what a great idea that Tina Greco has and she knows that it will benefit your entire family needs.

Tina started offering hair at home services after speaking to parents that have children with special needs while cutting hair at the salon. “Children’s anxiety levels seem to increase when they are in unfamiliar situations”, says Tina. “It would be my pleasure to provide you and your family with professional, full service hair artistry, in your home and all at the same time that is convenient to your family. I am especially honoured to help those who find it difficult to get out to the salon with exceptional needs”. This is coming from a lady who knows what busy means. A wonderful wife and a dedicated mother to 4 beautiful children, pre school to high school.
Tina provides everything that a full salon will offer to their clients all in the comfort of your own home. Haircuts, barbering, colours, hi-lights, styles, perms shampoo’s, sets etc for hair as well as manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, massage and makeup. “I will adapt the services that you find in a salon and perform them at your house where busy families are most comfortable.” Tina is a licensed haristlylist/aesthetician for over 25 years now, and can provide most services in a mobile capacity. Tina takes pride in everything that she has to offer and i know you will as well. To find out more about “Our Place” Mobile Hair Services for Busy Families, contact Tina Greco today 519-978-0379 or send her an e mail

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