The Visit

The words may not be many, the visit may not be long,
His warmth is from his heart, way deep down inside.
Its honest and unconditional without any hesitation.
He wants to help others and provide some comfort when their not feeling well
or just hold your hand.
This may not be much but he loves doing it and always will.
This is who Andrew is and I love him for all he has to offer.

Andrew met a couple of little ones at London’s Children’s Hospital this weekend.
The first little man was handsome Lukas Reinhart, who was just on his way home and his momma was so thrilled to finally meet Andrew and to take some pictures of these two. Lukas received a little shirt and a letter from Andrew several months ago while he was sick in the hospital. Lukas momma, made me cry with the beautiful words she shared about Andrew. “My children met a true Hero today”. Andrew does not spin webs, or leap tall buildings. He does not rescue people from burning homes or stop trains from crashing or leaving the tracks. But what i have noticed is that he provides a small bit of comfort and love towards others and is so happy in doing this. Lukas, we are so happy that you are headed home and that we had the chance to meet you.

The second little man that Andrew met was adorable Kevin Fast. Kevin’s momma heard that Andrew was going to be in London and asked if we could stop by to meet her baby Kevin. Andrew was thrilled to present Kevin with a stuffed toy “bigger than he is” and to say a prayer for him while he sat by his bedside. The quiet, caring young man that i saw in my son today, made me so proud to be his mother. There is a gentle soul that wants to sooth and provide a comfort for so many. We pray that Kevin will be going home soon to be with his family.

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