There’s always a rainbow

I’m reminded that life is not always perfect and that the world is full of challenges, full of obstacles, full of struggles and of uncertainties. But what I am also reminded of is that if we are patient and surrounded by constant reminders of good and positive that we can manage these challenges and uncertainties more clearly.

I am grateful for love that surrounds me daily and teaches me to slow down and enjoy the moments. I am grateful for a 3 hour ride home with my my son Andrew, so we could discuss the challenges we over came and then to celebrate our accomplishments afterwards.
I am grateful for the families that we have met along the way and to share stories of struggles followed by triumphs.
I am grateful that Andrew can be a role model to so many but especially to me.
I’m reminded to help him achieve, help him over come and be the advocate a parent needs to be at any age.
I am constantly reminded of who I am and why I am here and I am so very grateful!

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