World Down syndrome Day – March 21st

I love it when people help me celebrate Down syndrome Awareness. I get invited to speak about my life all the time. I like speaking about my dreams and my goals. I like to share how together with my mom i can achieve my goals. This is important to me and my family. They want to see me live a great life and I want that as well.

This is me talking to students at Talbot Trail School during Canadian Down syndrome Awareness Week (November 1 – 7th) about my life. It was really nice meeting everyone.

Now we are getting ready for World Down syndrome Day. It is on March 21st and is celebrated all around the world. 3-2-1 The 3rd month on the 21st day. I am asking everyone to help celebrate it with me. Can you do that?

This is a chance to spread awareness by celebrating people with Down syndrome, their abilities and accomplishments. If there are students in your school who have Down syndrome like me, celebrate what they can do. I know that sometimes I may do things different than others but that’s OK. My mom see’s everything that I can do as potential and not being limited. I may take longer to figure things out, I may need a lot more modifications, I may need to do things more than once, but if I am not given the opportunity how will you know if I can do things. Sometimes you many not recognize that we can do things like others and sometimes you may not have patience to let us do things because it’s just easier to take care of it yourself. Please let a person with a disability try to do it first, it may take more time but let me try to be an example of what an individual can do if given the opportunity.

Some ways to celebrate:  Have a blue and yellow day. These are colours that represent Down syndrome Awareness. You can order a blue or yellow tee here with one of Andrew’s designs on them. Wear you wildest, brightest, funkiest socks. 1 sock.. or even 3 socks for 3 chromosomes. 3-2-1  Maybe even turn your celebrations into a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to programs and activities that support people with Down syndrome. Feel free to contact my mom Karen for more information about programs that I have started locally for me and my friends. ( or by calling her 519-819-5250 Thank you for celebrating with me.

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