Andrew’s 6th Blog Post – vacation

I am have fun on my vacation.

I went bowling and mini putt putt with my mom on rainy days. I won and she lost. She’s a good mom and not a bad loser at all. The mini golf was glow in the dark. My mom lost her ball. It did not glow lol

I saw turtles, funny frogs and lizards and even bobcats. I see the turtle every time we go to my grandmas. He is old, maybe a hundred years old. Always remember to be kind to the animals. We need to help take care of them.

We went to church and prayed to God. It’s important to me. I love to spend time doing this with my mom and grandma.

I helped cook dinner sometimes. I made chicken and turkey hot dogs. They were really good. I like to help even if it’s just eating it all lol

I went swimming a lot in my grandma’s pool. I played basket ball in the pool and floated on the floaty. I showed my mom how to do my water exercises. I learned them at water art classes every week in Leamington. Ms Debbie takes me and does them with me there.

We had a pizza and wing party with Jim and Joy and Pat and Steve. He drives his wife Pat around so I call him Uber Steve. Bob and Sue were there and my Grandma and mom and me. Pearl stayed in jail. She is my grandmas dog. It was her grate and not jail. I’m kidding. lol. She barks a lot. These are the some neighbours.

I went to a baseball game. I got to throw the first pitch. I was so excited to do this. My grandmas friends Ray and Bambi surprised me with setting this up for a surprise. Me and my mom were really happy. I did a good job throwing the first pitch. Everyone cheered and clapped. Pat and Uber Steve took us to the game and we had a great time. I received a baseball signed by the entire team. This was cool. Thank you so much for doing this for me.

I had a great time on my vacation. I hope you liked my post.


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